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Timber Frames builds are quicker to construct, energy efficient, air-tight and therefore more cost effective than traditional methods. They’ve become one of the most popular ways to construct houses throughout the UK. Fencehouse specialise in the design, manufacture and site installation of timber frame buildings nationwide. We cover large projects such as self-build homes, residential units, care homes and commercial buildings. We can also design, supply and install smaller projects such as pods and garden offices. 


All Timber Frame, Roof Trusses and Floor Joist systems are designed and fabricated in house, at our state-of-the-art factory, rather than subcontracted to other roof truss suppliers. Our precision engineering guarantees a high level of quality and accuracy (to ISO 9001 standards) simplifying on-site construction and saving time and money. Based on a recent study Timber Frame construction has proven to be more cost effective and quicker than traditional brick and block construction.
Fencehouse offer two options for Timber Frame external walls. Open panel timber kit and insulated panel timber kit.


•  High levels of quality and accuracy 
•  A construction process that does not depend on
   the weather or seasonality
•  Less unpredictability and more control during the
   construction process

• An improved level of Health & Safety due to not
  having on-site construction

•  A more energy-efficient and environmentally
   friendly building process

•  Outstanding value for money through the speed 
   and ease of erection, reducing the build cost

•  Lower household bills due to increased thermal properties

•  Excellent structural protection against fire and flood

•  More design flexibility



A timber frame structure consists of timber stud-work fixed in place (typically) with OSB or plywood. The strength and rigidity is supplied by the board, which, when nailed to the stud-work, makes a very rigid structural panel. Known as an open panel — the panel is ‘closed’ once insulation has been introduced. The frame is wrapped on the outside with a reflective barrier, which is then protected by the external wall elements. In terms of build-ability, timber frame works great with all shaped structures and it really comes into its own when combined with lightweight wall claddings such as timber, tiles or render on boarding. Timber Frame walls have fantastic thermal properties, typically gaining U-Values as low as 0.17 W/m2K. 

Fencheouse EXT Wall.png


We also offer a site installation option for all our projects. We use well established, experienced site joiners, with full CSCS & STA accreditations. We include for site lifting, using our own HI-AB vehicle. A crane can be utilised if site conditions determine.

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