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Using a ground-breaking system that combines open web steel and timber to produce super-light beams with excellent structural integrity, Space-joists are the perfect choice for all floor applications. Unlike traditional steel or all-timber floor joists, metal web joists utilise the strengths of both materials by bringing together the strength of metal with the lightness of wood.  This results in a system which is lighter than an all-steel equivalent, has a cleverly built-in access for services, and overall performs much better than traditional all-timber joists.

The open web joists themselves are manufactured in our factory using the latest design software to create made-to-measure products to your exact specifications.  Your joists will then be delivered on-site and ready to install; reducing wastage, removing the need for alterations and saving on fitting time.


Why choose space joists?

• Longer spans are achievable in comparison to solid timber
• Manufactured to size eliminates site alterations saving time on site
• outstanding acoustic and sound performance 

• Lightweight construction makes Space Joists easy to handle

• Space Joist systems require less construction material, saving cost

• Fast and simple installation of services, without the need for drilling


One of the biggest advantages of using a SpaceJoist system, is the ability to suit the floor joists to your needs. Take a look below at the different details available when working with SpaceJoists.  


Used mainly in timber frame, but also to trim around openings. Metal web needs to start  from face of support.

AL_SJ_Detail_3_Top Chord Support.jpg


Part L Building regulations require houses to be airtight. Use the horn detail for easier sealing  to brickwork with silicon sealant. Mortar to be struck first.

services access

No more cutting or notching out joists, you can run your services straight through the space joists open web design.

AL_SJ_Detail_1_Horn for Airtightness.jpg
AL_SJ_Detail_8_Aperture Details.jpg

strong back bracing

Strongback typically attached to chase verticals. Minimum size 35 x 97mm TR26. Nail using 3  No. 3.1 x 90mm nails.

AL_SJ_Detail_9_Strongback with chase verticals.jpg
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