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As with any major building project, there are many considerations to take into account, including roof trusses for extensions. An extension is not something that can be just “added on”, it requires careful planning across the following stages:

  • Design and Planning
  • Hiring of Architect
  • Consultation with neighbours
  • Budgeting
  • Building Regulations
  • Planning Permission
  • Hiring of Builder
  • And let’s not forget…Management of Project!

Every single stage of the extension building process has the potential to throw up issues and cause disruption to the project, including your choice of roof trusses for extensions.

Considering the roof structure for your extension is just a small part of this – but a vital one. Roofs form a large proportion of the cost of an extension, particularly if it is a pitched roof. The benefits of a pitched roof rather than a flat roof are obvious however; as well as being more pleasing to the eye, pitched roofs allow for the creation of more space and add more value to the building.

We can work with you, your architect and your building team, to ensure the correct specification and planning of roof trusses for extensions, including roof trusses, joists and full timber frames. Designing an exciting new development to your house shouldn’t be an arduous process; let us help you to get it right, on budget, on time and on point.

Below are some of our more frequently asked questions related to extension developments. You can also see a full list of Technical FAQs.

What is the approximate additional cost for a room-in-the-roof system?

While the cheapest way of building a roof is with a standard roof truss, they do not allow for future expansion. An attic (or room-in-the-roof) truss is specially designed to maximise space and allow for further room development. Attic trusses do cost more to buy, you can typically expect to pay between 1.5x-2x more than for a standard roof truss, but the main advantage to selecting an attic truss are that they will add value to a house due to the additional square footage, regardless of whether the space is finished or not.

What happens if I want to make a change to my roof trusses/floor joists/timber frame but they have already been installed?

We often hear this question, and it is usually because there are wires or piping to be fitted retrospectively following installation. are frequently asked this question, usually because an electrician or plumber wants to drill holes to fit wires or piping.  We would never recommend carrying out any alterations without consulting us first and often we find that we are asked too late and serious damage has already been done. Roof trusses and joists are their to support your building structure and any alteration to them; cutting or drilling, will compromise their integrity and the forces that act within them to keep them structurally sound. The only way to avoid expensive repairs or replacements due to retrospective work is to ensure carefully planning, that consider all of your building planning stages, including electric and plumbing.

What are your delivery timescales?

We do offer a 5-day delivery service within mainland UK from approval of your design.