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  • Private client, Ramside Hall Estate
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  • Durham
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  • 12/3/16

This “room in the roof” project involved the use of both Attic Trusses and Ecojoists for a private client on a beautiful residential estate in Durham. We liaised carefully with the client, their builder, and the architectural team to ensure the trusses were both accurate and in keeping with the rest of the development, to maximise available space in the attic room.

Interestingly, the project used “built-in” space joists (Ecojoists), pre-fabricated in our specialist factory and transported to the site, ready to be crane-lifted into place. This allowed the client and their project team to remove costly, time-consuming on-site assembly.

Ecojoists are a wholly engineered solution for unrestricted spans up to 7.5m and are:

  • Lightweight and easily installed with minimum people resource
  • Open, allowing easy access and placing of pipes, cable and other service ducts, reducing electrician and joiner work on site
  • Fire resistant, retaining design integrity as no drilling or notching is required to accommodate services
  • Made to measure, so no on-site wastage
  • Kiln-dried, so no shrinkage
  • Extremely fast to install, taking around half the time of traditional joists.