Timber Frame

We supply & manufacture bespoke timber frame for both the self-build & construction markets.

Fencehouse Timber Frame

Modern timber frames are hard-wearing, energy efficient, and cost effective. They’ve become the most popular way to construct UK houses. Fencehouse specialises in the design and manufacture of timber frame for the construction and self-build markets. One advantage of a timber frame home design is it can be produced in the factory and delivered as a finished product to the build site.

All timber frames are designed using the latest CAD software and manufactured at our state-of-the-art factory. Our precision engineering guarantees a high level of accuracy, simplifying on-site construction and saving time and budget. A timber frame house will look the same from the outside as a one constructed from masonry, as external cladding and finishes are applied to both, using bricks, stone, wooden cladding or rendering. But total project costs compared to a masonry build can be less because factory fabrication is fast and predictable.

Timber frame construction is a method of building which relies on a timber frame as a basic means of structural support. An economical and efficient method of construction, timber frames offer quality, an easier and faster build, simplified on-site construction, and greater choice and flexibility to the customer.

- High levels of quality and accuracy

- A construction process that does not depend on the weather or seasonality

- Less unpredictability and more control during the construction process

- A product that can easily exceed building standards

- An improved level of Health & Safety due to not having on-site construction

- A more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly building process

- Outstanding value for money through the speed and ease of erection, reducing the build cost

- More design flexibility

- Lower household bills due to increased thermal properties

- Excellent structural protection against fire and flood

- More choice than other product alternatives.


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