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SpaceJoists are engineered floor joists that use a ground-breaking open web steel and timber system to produce super-light beams with excellent structural integrity.  Fencehouse Roof Truss Company use ITW SpaceJoist  for all floor applications. Manufactured using parallel, stress-graded timbers, joined together by V-shaped galvanised steel webs, SpaceJoists bring together the strength of steel with the lightness of wood to produce a system which is lighter than an all-steel equivalent, has a cleverly built-in access for services and overall performs much better than traditional all-timber joists

Fencehouse Roof Truss Company uses ITW design software to create made-to-measure SpaceJoists.  Manufactured in our factory, your joists arrive on-site and ready to install, reducing wastage, removing the need for alterations and saving on fitting-time.  Available in a range of depths from 195mm to 424mm, Fencehouse Roof Truss Company’s SpaceJoist products are available in longer spans in comparison to solid timber, removing the need for intermediate load-bearing internal walls and reducing a building’s overall cost.



What they do

A joist is one of the horizontal supporting members that run between walls, foundations or beams to support a floor or ceiling. SpaceJoists use a metal web joist system, combining parallel, stress-graded timber flanges and engineered galvanised steel webs that give strength, durability and value for money.

What are the benefits

SpaceJoists simplify construction with the following features:

  • Open web design – allows for a quick and easy installation of services, removing the need for drilling or notching and therefore significantly reducing common errors that incur costly remedial work.
  • Lightweight system –  reduces installation time by up to 50%. Site handling is safe and easy, and  the need for specialist lifting equipment is in most cases removed.
  • Long spans – eliminate the need for intermediate load bearing internal walls reducing overall costs.
  • Design flexibility – SpaceJoists can be designed to precisely locate bearing walls and accommodate larger services.
  • Reduced site wastage – Off-site design removes the need for on-site alterations whilst reducing the amount of waste timber generated on-site.
  • Wide spacing – labour time is reduced as fewer joists are required to complete a floor installation in comparison to solid timber.


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