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Attic Trusses

As the demand on building firms to optimise plots increases, attic trusses, or ‘room in the roof’ trusses, offer a great way to expand the liveable area of a home, or boost its storage space. A straightforward solution to provide the structural roof and floor in the same component, attic trusses allow the upper floor of a building to be completely contained within the roof, increasing the habitable area by as much as 40-50%.

With the capacity to span more than eight metres without the need for internal load bearing walls, attic trusses are the most economical way to deliver maximum space and value to a property, without increasing its footprint.

Equally beneficial for commercial or industrial applications, when planning to fit an attic truss, thought should be put into the the positioning of dormer windows, roof lights and staircases.


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What the product does

Attic trusses create additional, cost efficient, valuable, and practical storage or extra living space, while the footprint of the building is maintained.

What are the benefits

Fencehouse Roof Truss Company’s attic trusses offer great advantages:

  • A structural roof and floor in one component
  • Additional living space without increasing the footprint of the building
  • Space is fully utilised, reducing the build cost per square metre
  • Computer-designed and factory-assembled, guaranteeing consistent quality
  • Delivered as one structure ready to receive finishes, plaster board and floorboarding
  • Removes labour-intensive site work
  • Labour and weather-proofing costs savings are made as the attic truss can be erected quickly
  • Engineered to bear the loads of an additional room
  • Complex site joints are eradicated
  • Posi-Attic trusses provide an easy installation of services including heat recovery and mechanical ventilation systems
  • Floor platform provided by lower member of truss.

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