Fence House Roof Truss Company

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At Fencehouse Roof Truss Company, we pride ourselves on our high standards of customer service, and the technical expertise that ensures a positive experience for you. We’re not just a supplier of roof trusses, timber frames, joists and spandrel panels; we’re an integral part of your project team. We’ll deliver a seamless experience from your initial enquiry, right through to delivery, whether on a small self-build DIY project, or a major commercial build.

From enquiry to quote

Our expert in-house design team is highly trained in the latest CAD design software, and will happily spend as much discussion time as needed to understand the detail of your project and produce accurate drawings to accompany clear, itemised quotations. In fact, if at any time our experts think there may be an easier or safer way to construct or install your timber products, we’ll always provide an alternative option for you to consider.

Following your order

Once we’ve secured your order, we like to meet you on site, to introduce ourselves and see your project first-hand. This can lead to small changes to your initial drawings and quotation, but we’re happy to cover these free of charge.

Manufacture and delivery

Using our modern, cutting-edge machinery we’ll manufacture your timber products with care and precision. Our factory is equipped with the very latest sawing and assembly equipment. These are linked to advanced CAD design technology for efficient production of all our timber products. We continually invest in the latest technology to ensure we deliver the highest quality products and the most effective experience possible.

Once completed, your timber products will be delivered to you, clearly labelled and ready to install. We can guarantee a fast turnaround and speedy delivery, from as little as five days from the point of order, ideal for those working to a tight deadline Contact our customer service team for further details.